Drinkfield Marsh

The Friends of Drinkfield Marsh

Drinkfield Marsh

Drinkfield Marsh is an 8 hectare (20 acre) site managed as a local nature reserve (LNR) surrounded by housing and industry and is located to the north of Darlington. The site is an important popular and attractive area of wild space.

A large shallow 2 hectares lake is bordered by common reed and bullrush. The site also features rough grassland, wet grassland, extensive scrub and light wooded slopes.

The site has access points offering 1 kilometre of routes making it popular with dog walkers and families. There are sightings of wintering birds, breeding reed warblers and a variety of wildfowl.

The important reed beds offer habitat for water shrew, great crested newt and water vole.

Drinkfield Marsh boasts a large variety of other bird and animal life at all times of the year.

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Drinkfield Marsh - Whessoe Road entrance
The Whessoe Road entrance