Drinkfield Marsh
The Friends of Drinkfield Marsh

About Us
The Purpose of the Friends Group

* To act as an umbrella group in generating interest and support for the Nature Reserve.

* To ensure that the Nature Reserve remains an important, attractive and well managed place for all ages to safely visit.

* To bring together a volunteer group of local residents and interested parties and to promote the benefits of the Nature Reserve.
                   Our Aims and Objectives

* To assist in the upkeep, maintenance and enhancement of Drinkfield Marsh Nature Reserve.

* To liaise and work alongside Darlington Council and other agencies in planning and implementing an Annual Management Plan for the Nature Reserve.

* To provide additional support and resources in carrying out agreed projects/objectives with Darlington Council and other agencies.

* To provide regular updates to the local community through the medium of a website and other methods of publicity to maintain continuing interest in the upkeep of the Nature Reserve.

* To discuss with Darlington Council and other agencies what events can be arranged to involve families and young people in support of the Nature Reserve.

*To improve the quality of the Nature Reserve in order to encourage greater diversity and numbers of wildlife.            
Entrance from Whessoe Road
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